Jamie Carragher would rather see Liverpool change everyone else at the club than part ways with manager Jurgen Klopp, though he accepts the Reds are a "million miles" away from their previous levels.

Klopp has come under fire amid a dreadful season for Liverpool, who sit 10th in the Premier League after almost delivering an unprecedented quadruple last campaign.

Saturday's 3-0 thrashing at the hands of Wolves made it three successive away league defeats for the Reds, who are yet to win a Premier League game since the turn of the year.

Klopp reiterated his desire to oversee a rebuild of Liverpool's squad after their latest humiliation, and Carragher believes there is nobody better for the job.

"I would change everybody else at that football club before I changed Jurgen Klopp," he told Sky Sports on Sunday.

"When he came in, Liverpool were sixth or seventh in the league and he's taken them to where they've been in the last few years, he's proven he can do that. I'd like to see him do that again. I'm sure he will.

"If people are talking about a change of manager… any manager coming into Liverpool would need to rebuild.

"I don't think it's a case of just buying one player – people keep saying, 'bring Jude Bellingham in'. I think with each week, it feels like it's bigger than one or two [new] players, it might have to be four or five.

"Any manager at Liverpool at the start of next season would have to do that, Jurgen Klopp has produced miracles at times.

"You can question Jurgen in terms of how it's got to this, he's part of that. But for the recruitment team, how did Liverpool go from almost winning four trophies last season to being 10th in the league now?

"For the start of next season, I don't think there's anyone any Liverpool fan would rather have in the dugout than Jurgen Klopp."

Liverpool are as close to the Premier League's relegation zone as they are to fourth-placed Newcastle United (both 11-point gaps), and Carragher says they need to get through this season before addressing their failings.

"They look a million miles off where they've been for the last few years," he said. "You're trying to work out why, and we've all been doing that all season, but it doesn't feel like it's getting better.

"Klopp's tried everything in terms of playing more experienced players, playing younger players, changing formation. Nothing's working.

"It almost feels as if they've got to crawl and hang on, get to the summer and sort it out in the transfer market."